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In Algeria, the oligarcs want to stay the masters


Said Bouteflika, Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s Brother and Ali Haddad, CEO and President of Algerian forum entreprise (FCE), Algiers, 30 July 2017


2 months after the nomination of a new governement leaded by Tebboune, Bouteflika has decided to topple over his prime minister by a new appointement in the person of Ahmed Ouhyahia, old prime minister and top civil servant known to be pro-business and closer of secular wing in Algeria. Nevertheless, This nomination hide in fact, a deeper decision which looking to preserve a large economic and political control by some clans in Algeria especially after the attack of the former prime minister Tebboune against the “money strenghts”. Indeed, Tebboune decided in June to reevaluate the industry policy in Algeria and to declare that the previous government was failing in that mission to emerge a real industry sector in particulary in the cars industry and also by the importance of the importations which affect heavly algerian economy very linked by the oil prices.

However many algerian people are supported the Tebboune’s policies and his fight against some top business and political figure in Algeria like Ali Haddad, top CEO, Sid Said, Top union representant and others. When a funeral of a top algerian diplomat, the 30 July, Said Bouteflia, Brother of the actual president of Algeriat figured out at everybody that nobody is entilted to questioning his power and his relation with the different clans which rule Algeria.

With a president still not able to lead his country after a stroke, Said Bouteflika for many observers would be behind the important decisions which ended the last governement. The next presidential election in 2019 stay for many people difficult to understand if Bouteflika can be candidate in reason of his sick and especially what will be the situation in case Bouteflika will not pursue a new mandate. And it’s there where the Algerian Army will come in the game.


Africa francophone has to rise up against Paris


Whereas our continent know actually an important growth of GDP especially in East Africa, the majority of the west african countries undergo a slowing of their economics. Why? We can find some answers about the current links  between the old power colony France and its old territories. Since 1960, Important moment for the self-dertermination of african people, France has still kept a power control in this large region made up the west African until Madagascar in crossing the region of Central Africa.

If we have to take quicky a look about the politics crisis in Africa, immedialty we find out that the majority of these crisis hit the francophone countires, (Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Mauritania, Mali, Central African Republic…) These crisis results about a power control and especially by a french intervention in order to protect its influence in theses countries. In France, there is a expression to sum up this power relation has got Paris on its old colonies, the “FranceAfrique”. A mix of relation between the french high servant and economics boss with the african leaders. Indeed, Paris is the second most investor in this continent even if France is undergoing the the soar of new investors countries like China, Turkey, Israel, Iran, Brazil, Germany plus the tradionnal competitors like USA and the UK.

Fortunately a lot of watchers in these countires begin to understand that this situation is no longer make sense. For example since the last year, a civil  contestation movement across several countires has carried out some demonstrations in order to contest the role of French CFA, common currency of a dozen african countries controlled by the French Finance Office. Even some leaders like the president of Chad, Idriss Deby want the end of this french currency in Chad. France clam up and avoid to find actually a solution in order to ease off the tensions.

We can hope that West African and Central African countries are going to take their destinity between their hands and say to France, Au Revoir !


Why Algeria needs to invest in Africa


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As the fall of oil prices hits Algeria very linked by oil and gas export representing almost the majority of its exports, Africa is become the most relevant solution to change the algerian economics structure and to give the opportunity for the biggest country in Africa to be an african power. For this, Algeria has to rely on its strenghts to conquest the african market.

Firstly on the energy sector. Algeria is the first gas producer in Africa and the third oil producer. With its state oil company, Sonatrach which is the first most power company in Africa, Algeria can play a major role in the development of some oil and gas fields in Africa in proposing their service more fairly contrary on west oil major which doesn’t care about the developement of african countries generally. Already, Sonatrach is present in Lybia, Tunisia, Mauritania, Mali but Algeria has to get some contracts in East Africa especially with gas discover in Mozambique. Algeria can mobilize some other companies in the electricity domain in particulary in the green energy with its companies  like Sonelgaz which is specialized in the solar energy and which is launching some projects in Mali and in Sudan.

Algeria can also use its strenghts in telecom services for the rest of Africa. Indeed, Algérie Telecom, the algerian leader in the communication is working on the project to link the internet network access between Algeria with a part of Africa (Sahel and Nigeria) in the next years. With the difficult access in internet, Algeria could be the spearhead of new technologies in Africa. Algeria can also ask to the private companies to invest more in Africa, like Cevital, the first private conglomerate in Algeria, Condor specialized in new tech (phone, tv..), Saidal pharmaceutical company which invest already in Africa (Ecowas countries) or yet the private sector of bulding companies very important in Algeria.

Thus, Algeria can diversify its economy thanks to the growth in Africa. Neverthless, the algerian authorities must ease the development of their private and public companies in relieving of the administrative burdens which are the main brake in Algeria.