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Africa francophone has to rise up against Paris


Whereas our continent know actually an important growth of GDP especially in East Africa, the majority of the west african countries undergo a slowing of their economics. Why? We can find some answers about the current links  between the old power colony France and its old territories. Since 1960, Important moment for the self-dertermination of african people, France has still kept a power control in this large region made up the west African until Madagascar in crossing the region of Central Africa.

If we have to take quicky a look about the politics crisis in Africa, immedialty we find out that the majority of these crisis hit the francophone countires, (Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Mauritania, Mali, Central African Republic…) These crisis results about a power control and especially by a french intervention in order to protect its influence in theses countries. In France, there is a expression to sum up this power relation has got Paris on its old colonies, the “FranceAfrique”. A mix of relation between the french high servant and economics boss with the african leaders. Indeed, Paris is the second most investor in this continent even if France is undergoing the the soar of new investors countries like China, Turkey, Israel, Iran, Brazil, Germany plus the tradionnal competitors like USA and the UK.

Fortunately a lot of watchers in these countires begin to understand that this situation is no longer make sense. For example since the last year, a civil  contestation movement across several countires has carried out some demonstrations in order to contest the role of French CFA, common currency of a dozen african countries controlled by the French Finance Office. Even some leaders like the president of Chad, Idriss Deby want the end of this french currency in Chad. France clam up and avoid to find actually a solution in order to ease off the tensions.

We can hope that West African and Central African countries are going to take their destinity between their hands and say to France, Au Revoir !