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In Algeria, the oligarcs want to stay the masters


Said Bouteflika, Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s Brother and Ali Haddad, CEO and President of Algerian forum entreprise (FCE), Algiers, 30 July 2017


2 months after the nomination of a new governement leaded by Tebboune, Bouteflika has decided to topple over his prime minister by a new appointement in the person of Ahmed Ouhyahia, old prime minister and top civil servant known to be pro-business and closer of secular wing in Algeria. Nevertheless, This nomination hide in fact, a deeper decision which looking to preserve a large economic and political control by some clans in Algeria especially after the attack of the former prime minister Tebboune against the “money strenghts”. Indeed, Tebboune decided in June to reevaluate the industry policy in Algeria and to declare that the previous government was failing in that mission to emerge a real industry sector in particulary in the cars industry and also by the importance of the importations which affect heavly algerian economy very linked by the oil prices.

However many algerian people are supported the Tebboune’s policies and his fight against some top business and political figure in Algeria like Ali Haddad, top CEO, Sid Said, Top union representant and others. When a funeral of a top algerian diplomat, the 30 July, Said Bouteflia, Brother of the actual president of Algeriat figured out at everybody that nobody is entilted to questioning his power and his relation with the different clans which rule Algeria.

With a president still not able to lead his country after a stroke, Said Bouteflika for many observers would be behind the important decisions which ended the last governement. The next presidential election in 2019 stay for many people difficult to understand if Bouteflika can be candidate in reason of his sick and especially what will be the situation in case Bouteflika will not pursue a new mandate. And it’s there where the Algerian Army will come in the game.